Alumni/Faculty Highlight – Adrienne Somerville


A mentor is defined by Merriam-Webster as a “trusted counselor or guide”. No one embodies the meaning of this word more than Adrienne Somerville.

Adrienne grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and began her blossoming career in the government Intern Program in 1994, worked as a contracting specialist and procuring contracting officer (PCO), served as the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Deployment Champion for the contracts organization, graduated from NAVAIR’s Senior Executive Management Development Program and The Federal Executive Institute, and is now serving as NAVAIR’s Community Management Program Manager for Command Strategies, Force Planning, and Analysis. What a resume to bring to students in our BS Logistics Management program! Beyond the amazing career experience, Adrienne also brings the “mentor” teacher role to every student and person she meets. She states that “I strongly believe the role of a mentor is to support the development of transcending leaders, those who capitalize on opportunities to go beyond the boundaries but remain inside the box, a legacy of giving and receiving for which I want to be forever remembered. A mentor is a trusted agent. Someone who serves as your alter ego having crucial conversations by telling you what you want and/or do not want to hear, when you need to hear it most.” She believes in an R3 model where she expects her “…mentees to be responsive, ready to engage and results-driven.” Adrienne puts action to her words as a faculty member at Florida Tech Patuxent, a mentor in NAVAIR’s Mentoring Program and in the community as the founding member of the Carolyn E. Parker Founder ( ). The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation is named after her adored grandmother, her first mentor, and provides school dance dresses to local middle and high school girls through Project Cinderella, provides support to the Young Girls Empowerment Club and raises funds for educational scholarships. These efforts and her core beliefs get noticed. She won Competition and Procurement Excellence Awards in 2000 & 2001, was recommended for the Ida Ustad Award for Excellence in Acquisition in 2005, awarded the Women of Color Managerial Leadership Award in 2011, a NAVAIR Mentor of the Year Award in 2014 and named a Women of Influence (she being the “Change Agent”) in 2015.

How lucky we are to have such a shining star and enriching personality to represent us as a product, and now an instructor, of Florida Tech!


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